FX rates (last) and forecasts (end 2022/end 2023)

EUR/USD 1.0195 1.0413 1.0923      GBP/USD 1.2083 1.2348 1.2969      USD/JPY 133.0162 128.2083 117.9722      USD/CAD 1.2915 1.2793 1.2521      USD/CHF 0.9447 0.9359 0.9162      USD/SEK 10.2972 9.9778 9.292      USD/NOK 9.6822 9.4138 8.8343      USD/PLN 4.5962 4.4996 4.2887      USD/CZK 23.9922 23.9435 23.8338      USD/HUF 390.976 377.6985 349.3264      EUR/GBP 0.8438 0.8433 0.8423      EUR/JPY 135.61 133.504 128.8636      EUR/CAD 1.3167 1.3321 1.3677      EUR/CHF 0.9631 0.9745 1.0008      EUR/SEK 10.498 10.39 10.1499      EUR/NOK 9.871 9.8027 9.6499      EUR/PLN 4.6858 4.6855 4.6847      EUR/CZK 24.46 24.9325 26.0342      EUR/HUF 398.6 393.2993 381.577      GBP/CAD 1.5605 1.5797 1.6239      GBP/CHF 1.1415 1.1556 1.1882      GBP/JPY 160.723 158.3121 152.9956      GBP/SEK 12.4421 12.3207 12.0506      GBP/NOK 11.699 11.6242 11.4571      GBP/PLN 5.5535 5.5561 5.5619      GBP/CZK 28.9896 29.5655 30.9096      GBP/HUF 472.4148 466.3836 453.034      CAD/CHF 0.7314 0.7315 0.7317      CAD/JPY 102.9923 100.2169 94.2165      CAD/SEK 7.973 7.7994 7.4209      CAD/NOK 7.4968 7.3585 7.0554      CAD/PLN 3.5587 3.5172 3.4251      CAD/CZK 18.5767 18.716 19.0345      CAD/HUF 302.7265 295.2366 278.9836      CHF/USD 1.0586 1.0685 1.0915      CHF/JPY 140.8057 136.9963 128.7617      CHF/SEK 10.9002 10.6618 10.1418      CHF/NOK 10.2492 10.0591 9.6423      CHF/PLN 4.8653 4.808 4.681      CHF/HUF 413.8719 403.5877 381.2751      CHF/CZK 25.3972 25.5847 26.0136


Piotr Wdowiński


Piotr Wdowiński is Associate Professor and Head of The Econometrics Department at The University of Lodz, Poland. He is a former Director of The Institute of Econometrics at The University of Lodz. In the past, he used to work as an economist at The Polish Financial Supervision Authority. He is the author of monographs and scientific publications in peer-reviewed journals, the principal researcher in European Union projects, The Committee for Scientific Research and The National Science Center. He is also the editor-in-chief of The Econometric Research in Finance journal. Piotr Wdowiński specializes in econometric modelling and forecasting of macroeconomic and financial processes, financial stability and macroprudential policy. He is a lecturer in econometrics, forecasting and data science. He has considerable experience in using econometric software and Linux server systems.

Michał Rubaszek


Michał Rubaszek is Associate Professor and Head of Financial Markets Modelling Unit at SGH Warsaw School of Economics. In the past, he used to work as an economic advisor in the National Bank of Poland (Research Department) as well as expert in the European Central Bank (DG Economics). His research interest covers international economics, forecasting, heterogeneous agent models and exchange rate economics. He published in International Journal of Forecasting, Journal of International Economics, European Economic Review, Journal of Money, Credit & Banking, Journal of International Money & Finance and Energy Economics.


The Economic and Financial Forecasts IPEF system was created to help businesses and individuals manage medium-term risk related to the future dynamics of key variables. The underlying procedures are based on the results of most recent studies focusing on forecasting financial variables, which have been published in recognized academic journals. To this end, the IPEF forecasting system has been developed to provide a bridge between businesses’ needs and the findings of academic research.

All forecasts are calculated and updated automatically once a day. They are based on econometric models and the most recent information from financial markets. Calculations are done in R/Shiny statistical package.

The current version is limited to major exchange rates, however future extensions for other variables, e.g. interest rates and commodity prices are to be expected.

Disclaimer: The information provided does not constitute professional financial investment advice. The IPEF is not an investment advisor, broker or dealer and it does not rely on any insider information.


The Economic and Financial Forecasts IPEF's mission is to bridge the gap between the business needs and the findings of academic research.


The Economic and Financial Forecasts IPEF's vision is to make the best use of statistical and econometric methods to improve the quality of models and forecasts.

Forecasting systems

based on econometric models

and recent studies


Exchange rates

The IPEF exchange rate forecasting system is based on the results of a number of recent studies showing that exchange rates are predictable. They indicate that exchange rates are attracted towards their equilibrium levels. Spot exchange rates within the system are updated daily (at midnight CET) from Eurostat. Equilibrium exchange rates are updated monthly using macroeconomic data taken from Federal Reserve Economic Data (FRED). All calculations on raw data are done by IPEF in R/Shiny statistical package. The IPEF system uses the FRED® API but is not endorsed or certified by the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis. With the IPEF system you can easily forecast exchange rates of major currencies, e.g. EUR/USD, EUR/CHF, EUR/GBP and more. You can use the forecasts in Forex trading and FX hedging strategies.


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